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Fiction Master List: "Final Fantasy"

Recent Update: 01.30.15

Short Stories (One-shot)

-Final Fantasy X-

"By Sea (To Stay)"

Yuna's pilgrimage was not her first journey across Spira.

Characters: Yuna, Kimahri
Rating: PG

"And Never to Return"

The road to Zanarkand never seemed so long.  A guilt-ridden, unguarded mind fears the lonely nights most of all.

Characters: Auron, Lulu
Rating: PG

He is no villain, but the best within the beast.

Characters: Jecht
Rating: PG

-Final Fantasy XII-

"XII Drabbles"

Four drabbles.  Hunger, silver, wind, curse.

Characters: Ashe, Vaan, Balthier, Fran
Rating: PG

"Unfortunate Duty"

Formerly titled "Words of Unfortunate Duty".  There were times when Balthier could almost regret the roles he had to play, a liability he most definitely could not afford.

Characters: Balthier, Penelo
Rating: 14

"Of Dalmasca's Sorrow"

Formerly titled "Not Forgotten".  The Queen is dead.  Long live the Queen.

Characters: Major and minor cast ensemble.
Rating: PG

Warning: Character death.

"Lament for a Son of Dalmasca"

Or, "How to Mourn a Traitor".  Ashe cannot forget his face, he who sold her for peace.

Characters: Ashe, Basch, Vossler
Rating: PG

Warning: Canon character death.

"The Price of Peace"

A personal recollection regarding the deciding of the fate of a daughter of kings.

Characters: Ashelia and her knight
Rating: PG

"XII Drabbles: Set II"

Five drabbles.  Imitation, vermin, trap, possession, imitation.

Characters: Ashe, Balthier, Vaan, Gabranth, Marquis Halim Ondore IV
Rating: PG

Warning: Canon character death.

-Final Fantasy XIII-

"In the Wake of the Storm"

Fighting with Fang is like fighting at the centre of the storm.  A hero's scattered thoughts.

Characters: Snow, Fang
Rating: PG

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