Rissy James (rissy_james) wrote,
Rissy James

'Til Kingdom Come - Complete Index

Title: 'Til Kingdom Come
Author: Rissy James
Status:  Work in progress

Characters: Everyone ever.  Major and minor series characters.  OCs, some new, some appearing from my Emerald 'verse.
Pairings:  It's complicated.  Past Cain/Adora, eventual Cain/DG, canon Lavender/Ahamo.
Rating: 16+

Summary:  Being a somewhat fabricated, but mostly accurate, history of the Outer Zone, therein concerning the aftermath of the Emerald War and the restoration of the House of Gale.

Tags: pairing: cain/dg, rating: 16+, story: 'til kingdom come, tv: tin man, writing: complete index

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